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Another painful murder case has surfaced. How long our seventy - four hotelier brothers will continue to be butchery and though they are killing, the tragic tragedy is reduced, the son of shri sumer chand ramola, the son of shri sumer chand ramela ji, the district - utrakashi, the village - danga of the block - horde who worked in the hotel in maharashtra pune. He was a good person with lots of cheerful behavior. Everybody lived with love.
He was assassinated on November 6, when dev chand ramola told the owner that I wanted to go back home, he was murdered the same day. The owner of the hotel was not able to bring the dead body to uttarakhand, saying, do this office, scare the victim's family, (forty 40) kilometers away, the body was kept in a place somewhere else. But today, as the dead body was removed and rishikesh will be brought from rajasthan, we want the body to be post-mortem, may be able to find out the cause of murder. I spoke to his family members.
Devchand ramola has three brothers, his father is a farmer, he is a poor family who had gone to maharashtra a month ago in search of a good job, but he did not know that he would be killed so mercilessly. His family has sought help from me for the sake of justice of devchand ramola.
We all ask the uttarakhand government for full cooperation and judicial enquiry in this matter as well from the former chief minister of maharashtra and presently with his excellency, governor shri bhagat singh koshyari ji. Hoping your are blessed..

Roshan Raturi RR ( SoCial Worker )
RR Humanity-1st Dev Bhoomi

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