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1.Coconut-Apricot layer
Filling with Armenian dried apricotes and blackberry marmelade
Apricote mousse with Mascarpone cheese
2. Chocolate gluten free layer
Salted Toffi Caramel filling
Chocolate Rum mousse
Extra brute cocoa glaze
3. Almond and fried coconut layer
Passion fruit mousse with pieces of poneapple
White chocolate glaze with chopped nuts
Whiped white ganache with tropic flavour and coconut chips
4. Lemon shaffron layer
Crunch with honey flakes and lemon curd
Earl Grey mousse
Citrus glaze with shaffron
5. Strawberry layer
Orange mousse
Berry filling
Strawberry glaze
Plastic chocolate
Eatable cotton
Chocolate grounds

Robert  Dadassian 's Album: Wall Photos

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