Best Chef Spider web Mirror Glaze

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  • Description : Spider web Mirror Glaze


  • Glaze recipe: The Red One

    75 g water
    100 g sugar
    100 g glucose
    66 g of condensed milk
    8 g of gelatin 180b
    100 g of white chocolate
    red food coloring
    Soak the gelatin in cold water. Bring water, sugar and glucose to a boil and stir in the
    squeezed gelatin. Pour the hot syrup on the chocolate and condensed milk. Mix with a blender, add the red food colouring and emulsify.
    Neutral glaze: The White One

    315 g water
    155 g sugar
    132 g dextrose
    45 g sugar
    10 g NH pectin
    70 g glucose
    0,5 g citric acid
    White food coloring
    Heat water with sugar, dextrose and glucose at 40°C/104°F. Add the NH pectin and the rest sugar mixed together, bring to a boil, add the citric acid and boil for 3-4 minutes. Allow to cool. Keep in fridge. For 1 cake you need only a few tablespoons.
    Spiderweb glazing effect:

    Bring almost to a boil neutral glaze and keep it in a saucepan. Heat metal spatula. Immediately cover cake with mirror glaze. Pour a little amount of hot neutral glaze over the spatula and hold it over the mirror glaze. You have to do it very quickly, right after glazing. The result will depend on the neutral glaze, temperature, force clicking on spatula, the amount of glaze and so on. Every time you will get a new pattern!



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